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The Network Unbound

How TagWorld and other next-generation social networks could feed your business–and maybe even change the world. By: Anya Kamenetz T he spring of 2006 will go down as a curious moment in the annals of buzz. The mainstream-media steamroller caught … Continue reading

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MySpace Marketing 101: How To Win Friends And Influence People

Written on May 24th 2006 Author by Douglas MacMillan Article Link The untapped advertising gold mine that is MySpace is no longer a secret. Small businesses and major corporations alike have begun to court the site’s prime demographic and stake … Continue reading

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by Allison Fass June 2006 Forbes Magazine Article Link MySpace has to fend off more than online Lotharios. A bunch of young programmers are trying to–gasp!–commercialize the networking site. Sean Percival, who sells customized European license plates, earlier this year … Continue reading

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