Myspace Strikes Back Against Robots


I guess you could say I have extensive experience with Myspace friend adder robots. Iâ??ve bought and used just about everyone that is out there. Enough experience that Forbes magazine featured some of my success a few months ago in their magazine. In an effort to legitimize the service I even went as far as to talk with the Myspace empire directly only to receive (Cue Star Wars Death Star Music)  â??Enjoy it while it lastsâ?¦â? in response.

Ironically Myspace could severely cripple this software by simply improving its CAPTCHA system. Right now it is easily reset by sending a message to yourself, a hole that all major software applications have taken advantage of. Well it seems there have been some advancement in this area in the last 2 weeks.
Myspace has been steadily enhancing its Spam flagging system which is similar to what is used at craigslist. Too many users flagging a message as Spam will cause the Myspace Profile to lose messaging ability. Incoming Myspace messages still work, however any sent messages never make it the recipient. This helped to slow down the amount of robots sending messages however robot generated friend adding was still viable. However lately even accounts only sending friend requests have also had their outgoing mail disabled, which in addition renders the CAPTCHA reset unusable. Since there is no way to flag a friend request as spam the common theory that it is now based on additional factors such as:

  1. the amount of requests sent during a specific time period (IE more than 50 per minute)
  2. the ratio of accepts to denys
  3. the amount of pending requests on the profile
  4. the amount of emails to yourself from yourself (For CAPTCHA resetting)

With option 1 being the most likely cause Silent Products and Friend Fetch were the first to add a CAPTCHA cool down period.
So far it has been working and allows the cat and mouse game of Social Network robots to continueâ?¦

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