Using Social Network “Invites” to Build Friends

Every major Social Network has some type of Invite feature. This allows you to upload your address book and send an email to the user inviting them to join your network. The user receives an email from the Social Network with a link to your profile and allows them to signup.

This feature has been under utilized for marketing and branding purposes. Give it a try, to start get a copy of your customer list in Excel format if possible. Different sites handle the data formatting differently so you may have some trial and error before you get it right. Still having trouble? Open a Gmail account and import your addresses with their tools which are more robust (Please note that Gmail limits your address book to 3000 entries). Once uploaded most websites will allow you to download your address book direct from Gmal, Yahoo and other providers. 

Some of your customers might already be members of the site, while others will be new Social Networking. Including your customers in your Social Network not only helps with branding but allows you to continually market to them via bulletins and blog postings.

Do not use this tool to send invites to your bulk email lists, youâ??ll confuse and annoy a lot of people. Keep it clean and focused, the way Social Network marketing should beâ?¦


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