Will “myWEBSITE.com” be the new “iWEBSITE.com?”


I noticed something interesting the other day while visiting my local Fox news stationâ??s web site. Well lookie there, seems like the local Fox affiliates have been re branded as “MyFox” and even include part of the Myspace logo. We all knew Fox Interactive would extend its Myspace brand where ever possible and it appears we are just seeing the being of it here.

So the question is will “myWEBSITE.com” be the new “iWEBSITE.com?”

When Apple released the iMAC in 1998 it caused a wave of companies and web sites who adopted the “i” prefix. I like to call companies that take a approach like this “Branding Dingle Berries”. Thankfully many didn’t last or eventually re branded itself with something better as the “i” luster began to wear off. Lets hope the same thing doesn’t happen again in the Web 2.0 era and the “my” prefix.

Naturally the domain squatters have already caught on, in fact one registered http://www.myfox.com/ already…

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4 Responses to Will “myWEBSITE.com” be the new “iWEBSITE.com?”

  1. LiridonShala says:

    ich wiel das meine website so ist : http://www.KF-Migjeni.com ok???

  2. Liridon says:

    ich wiel das meine web site so ist : http://www.KF-Migjeni.com ok????

  3. Zilbermanaf says: