Dead 2.0 is Dead?

It seems the popular but sometimes controversial Web 2.0 blog is dead, or at least crippled for the moment. For the last few days the site has been down due to exceeding its allowed bandwidth for the month. Recently the anonymous author was ousted here, since then we haven’t heard much from him. Most likely the site received too much traffic from the recent press and is on a shared hosting account somewhere.

You would think that with all that traffic coming in you would keep the site up. Maybe it will never return and if it does I’m sure it will not be the same. They say any press is good press but when you’re the VP of a Web 2.0 company this is probably not the attention you want. For now the name of that company is secret, shared by a select few over drinks somewhere in the valley. I’m curious to know, if you want to share email me.

Lastly, Skeptic if you need web hosting let me know. Hell we will even host it for free..

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One Response to Dead 2.0 is Dead?

  1. Diese seite ist genauso interessant wie informativ. Viele Grüße!