Sorry, I overslept my buy out from Yahoo…

Interesting story posted on TechCrunch today about a possible 1 billion dollar buy out of from Yahoo. We’ve heard the rumor before but now we have some juicy new details from the rumor mill:

During one series of talks with Microsoft, Facebook executives told their Microsoft peers they couldn’t’t do an 8 a.m. conference call because the company’s 22-year-old founder and chief executive, Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, wouldn’t’t be awake, says a person familiar with the talks. Microsoft executives were incredulous.


At one point in the Yahoo negotiations, the talks extended into the weekend, says a person familiar with the matter. Mr. Zuckerberg, this account continues, said he couldn’t’t take part because his girlfriend was in town. Others pointed out they were closing in on a billion-dollar deal. Mr. Zuckerberg said it didn’t’t matter: his cell phone would be off, this person says.

Who is to say if this is the PR machine at at work or if these statements are true. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is hitting a breaking point and just cant deal with the pressure. I do however whole heartily support not waking up early for a conference call, especially when you are holding all the cards. Someone who can develop such an innovative web site deserves to have everything on his terms. Don’t miss the boat though, most people seem to say sell, take the money and run…

:: cues up "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers on iTunes ::

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