The Digg Effect on Product Placement


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One of the most fun sites from the "Web 2.0" world is all about sharing interesting news articles or links. Users submit links and fellow members can then "Digg" them, the more Diggs the higher the chance of it appearing in the featured stories. These stories become so popular that at some point the term "Digg Effect" was coined to describe when a server is crashed due to too much traffic from

Product Placement:
Last Friday morning I wasn’t exactly in a working mood so I jumped on and went through some of the popular diggs of the day. I came across this posting, and clicked through to the featured story here. A micro radio controlled helicopter! What a great way further avoid doing any work on this a sunny Friday afternoon. I went down to my local Radio Shack and paid $70 and had fun for the next few hours playing around with my new toy.

Nice story, what’s the point (besides that you are slacker sometimes)?

Well right there you see the potential value of having a product featured on Digg beyond the increased web site traffic it brings.

Gotcha, what should I know?

The Ham :

  • The above story was submitted by user p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 one of the top Digg users. The web site uses a system similar to Google’s page rank for its users. Those who have Dugg the most stories, and received the most Diggs are more likely to have their stories appear on the homepage. Build your profile with both interesting links and not just ones from your own web site
  • Visitors are very tech savvy, if your product does not appeal to this demographic you wont get very far. Two of the top 5 stories are for computer related products.
  • Diggs to product review web sites do very well. If your product is not featured on one of these sites change that. Get product samples into the hands of the top gear web sites They love free stuff just as much as we do. :)
  • The user base is very active and have the ability to "Bury" bad stories or comments. Don’t SPAM the system, in addition to decreasing the value of Digg your stories will not make it far.
  • Add a Digg button to your blog or web site. Create Digg worthy content and let your web site visitors increase your Digg counts for you.
  • Links are allowed in the comments, just include http:// with your domain. Once again users can bury comments so don’t bother unless its relevant to the subject.

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