The Future of Web Apps Summit

I was reading Oreilly Radar the other day and come across a post on a upcoming conference called "The Future of Web Apps". As luck would have it I’ll already be in the San Francisco area during the 2 days of the conference so I registered. I am most looking forward to the presentations by Digg founder Kevin Rose and Techcrunch owner Mike Arrington but there are many other great minds and companies represented.

I recommend checking it out, and let me know if you will be attending so I can say hello. Update coverage will be posted here on Social Ham after the conference.

The Ham:

  • Discover how the web’s most successful sites and applications were built, plus get expert practical advice from the best in the business on creating your own web app. Whether you’re a developer, business owner or entrepreneur, join us for this exclusive two-day audience with the biggest names in web development.
  • Cost is $295
  • Dates are September 13th and 14th
  • Location is the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
  • Sponsors include Google, Yahoo, Mediatemple, Sitepen, AOL, Feedburner, Socialtext, Dropsend, Amigo, O’Reilly
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