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Friendr is a new service that helps boost your MySpace friend counts similar to SS Friendship and FakeYourSpace (which recently had to shut down due to "legal problems"). Unfortunately Friendr might soon succumb to the same fate as MySpace is quickly building a reputation of "not playing well with others". The service is relatively harmless however it could easily be abused like many MySpace advertising tools have been in the past. Additionally MySpace has been actively shutting down "piggyback" web sites including friend robots and layout/graphic web sites.

The process is simple, signup and post a unique link via bulletins and comments to signup other users. For each user you sign up you earn points which help you rise to the top of their user list. You can also earn points by adding existing Friendr users and track your process with detailed stats. The design and programming behind the service is very well executed. They also offer some featured listings which have already been snapped up by two band profiles.

I posted my unique link to a network of 100,000 or so friends and within minutes received 80 points and several friend requests. I’ll update this again in a day or two with more complete stats.

*** Update: Here are the results after 2 days, 70 incoming friend requests. Since MySpace Marketing for the most part has been reduced to an "opt-in"/incoming friend request strategy this service appears very effective. 70 friends gained without sending messages or friend requests.

*** Super Update: In addition to deleting some of my MySpace profiles for this blog post they also removed the friendr profile and sent the legal/abuse team on them. Read the full story on their blog here. I’ve extended the branch to MySpace several times to help offer businesses and individual guidelines for how to promote themselves on the site but as with most members concerns they fall on deaf ears. I thought about lots of ways to respond to this but instead i’ll keep quite and plug my book for those interested in effective and solid ways to market on MySpace. See the below quote for "historical reasons"

"We recognized from the beginning that we could create profiles for the bands and allow people to use the site any way they wanted to. We didn’t stop people from promoting whatever they wanted to promote on MySpace. Some people have fun with it, and others try to get more business and sell stuff, like a makeup artist or a band, and we encourage them to do that."
Tom Anderson
MySpace Co-Founder

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2 Responses to Friendr – New MySpace Friend Adder Service

  1. cody says:

    how do you get a thing that adds friends for you

  2. eli taylor says:

    I need to get on myspace form a school
    can you help me