Howard Stern The King of All MySpace?

In the name of full disclosure I should mention that I’m a huge Howard Stern fan and have even started a Ning based Social Network for fans at Sometime in the last 24 hours the most popular MySpace profiles for Howard Stern staff members were deleted. While fake celebrity MySpace profiles are nothing new these had gathered a huge following with some profiles including over 160,000 friends. Even though these profiles had been on MySpace for over 3 years they were recently discussed by the show which sent the Howard’s News Team to investigate and remove the profiles in question.

I was able to track down the owners of the profiles Jake and Jennifer who provided some information on what happened. Being huge fans of the show they originally created these profiles for fans but soon forgot about them. A year later they logged in to find 1000’s of incoming friend requests and messages from other fans. They took it and ran with and started including some advertisements to various affiliate programs and other Howard related web sites like and which they also own. No doubt a very savvy business move because these profiles were receiving huge amounts of page views from targeted visitors (in most cases other Howard fans). In fact many fans made these profiles as part of their top 8 which further increased their popularity and reach.

The main problem with these profiles is they did not indicate they were "unofficial" so droves of MySpace users would send show related messages. Jake tells me that they never responded to these messages or did anything to promote the profile, their growth was organic and natural. He also tells me "Anyone who thought the profile was actually run by Howard Stern himself should have their internet privileges revoked immediately!" and to a certain extent I would agree. The Howard Stern Show was right to try to protect their brand however in the end the fans and Sirius Radio are the real losers. After all, the advertisements displayed on these profiles were for Sirius radios and DVD’s/Books related to Howard Stern. Instead of removing these profiles the smart move would of been to work with the owners by adding some type of disclosure and leveraging all that traffic.

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5 Responses to Howard Stern The King of All MySpace?

  1. TC says:

    “Jake” and “Jennifer” were clearly trying to dupe Stern fans for personal gain. This is the bottom line. Even if it did mainly trick the more gullible and less intelligent Stern fans, that doesn’t change the fact that they were acting dishonestly. I’m glad that some of those Myspace pages were shut down.

  2. alex says:

    so does howard have a real myspace profile? i assume not.

  3. Sean says:

    No howard doesn’t, hes not that tech savvy.

  4. Dave says:

    It’s plain and simple, they are full of shit. They were doing it for their own monetary gain. No value to the Stern Show or Sirius came of this. Since there was nothing stated on these pages to lead people to believe they were not show related, it’s not unimaginable that fans would think they were official. “Jake” and “Jennifer” made the pages appear as close as possible to what a real Howard profile would look like, even placing a line on the page asking people not to bother sending “me” (Howard) material. If they weren’t pretending to be Stern related they would not have had this on the profile. They were clearly trying to dupe people into believing it was Howard. Howard had every right to freak out about it as any other celebrity and/or corporate brand would; they’ve worked hard to build up name recognition and an identity they want it to be portrayed and represented…not some sleazy jerkoffs out to make a buck and then cover their ass later by lying when they got caught by saying “we’re fans and it’s no big deal. we had no idea.” BULLSHIT. Good work by Steve Langford and H100 News.

  5. anna says: