Introducing diggcrunch!

Michael Arrington takes a lot of flack for some of the things he writes about over at TechCrunch but now he is really asking for it …literally. Throw in some free passes to web 2.0 expo (a $1500 value) and you certainly have my attention! The contest asks the blogosphere to attack one of his previous posts and tear it to digital threads. Now I might disagree with some the things Michael has to say but I actually really enjoy reading TechCrunch each day. Additionally that’s not really my style so instead for my submission I offer you diggcrunch, a parody based on Michael’s clear love affair with everyone’s favorite news voting site digg.

*Update – Didnâ??t win or even get an honorable mention for this! Guess it was too far away from the original idea of trashing Techcrunch. Reading some of the winners though are some real snore fests. Oh well…

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