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At the age of 18 I found myself living in Las Vegas working as a janitor for local office buildings. Needless to say it was not the most glamorous time of my life but because of that shitty job I found my calling. You see one of the offices I cleaned belonged to and I’ll never forget the first day I walked in with vacuum cleaner in hand. The year was 1997 and the dotcom boom was still going very strong in Sin City with several companies fighting for their share of online hotel booking and online gambling revenue. We cleaned the offices late at night but every time the offices were full of activity (thanks in part I’m sure to the free Mountain Dew in kitchen). Night after night I saw these guys arguing about web site layout and code, playing ping pong, or even sleeping at their desk. I knew right then that this was the career for me. My web development career was started and I soon found myself arguing over code and drinking far too much Mountain Dew as well.

So fast forward to present day with the latest batch of Web 2.0 companies, do they have the same ability to generate this type of inspiration and interest in The Internet Generation as well? From the surge of "fan boy" blogs (present company not excluded) that pop up every day its probably safe to say they do. How far could a doey eyed web developer go to get that dream geek job at today’s hottest company?

Here are some to try at your own risk:.


Company won’t return your calls or emails? Resume ending up in the "round file" time after time? Go to their lobby and wait (for days if necessary) until someone will interview you. Seems to have worked for this guy and now you can update your adventure on Twitter in real time. "Day 3: The Muzak and constant stare of the receptionist may be too much to take, fighting urges to leave"

Break Something

Take their product and break it, hack it, fix it, mash it, and make it better. If they offer an API join it and create something cool with it and extend their product into new areas. Publicize how great you are on Digg and everywhere else, make them find you. Avoid trademark infringement as much as possible and leverage any cease and desists notices into partnership.

Send a Singing Telegram

One I’ve always wanted to try and will no doubt pull out at some point. If you just can’t seem to get the attention of a specific executive this is sure fire way be heard. Just make sure you send them to the right office and you might also want to ping their email to check for "Out of Town" notices. Bonus points for writing your own song that includes some good quips about the company. This will at least get you a thank you email unless of course the executive is so horribly embarrassed he blacklists you.


Make yourself a gimmick of some type, think meets monster resume. Draw attention to yourself either online or in the real world with a hook. Some ideas include sandwich boarding yourself close to the corporate office, setting up billboards, or get a tattoo of their company logo. Generate eyeballs to whatever you do and hope the company catches wind of it. TIP: Local TV nightly news and newspapers love stories like this.

Create the Next Big Thing

Yes I know, easier said than done and we all wish we could create the next big thing. The truth is most of you won’t, but don’t let a little thing like that that stop you. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and several failures but your dream job might just come looking for you instead. If all goes well things can only get better from there.

If anyone has any other ideas please share and good luck!

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