20 Web 2.0 Companies

Inspired by this little piece from Virgin Music I present "20 Web 2.0 Companies". Within the below image lay 20 Web 2.0 companies (or applications), can you find them all?

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17 Responses to 20 Web 2.0 Companies

  1. Not much interest in this? Maybe they are too hard?

  2. ok some people have asked for some names to get started, here are 3

    1. techcrunch
    2. feedburner
    3. skype

  3. Nubeen says:

    Feedburner’s is pretty easy and quite funny, but yes, this is a very hard one, not much like Virgin’s though. Very clever!

  4. Yea virgin’s is great, i didnt have the time or energy to do something as nice as theirs.

    heres another clue, all those little guys in the bottom right are the marvel character “thing”, maybe if you count them up you’ll know what it is…

  5. Salviati says:

    I guess somebody didn’t do their homework. A Googol = 10^100, not 10^10.

  6. You are certainly right, updated

  7. Neil Bradley says:

    Flickr (possibly the hand on the right?)
    Digg (the Shovel)
    YouTube (the tube shaped like the letter ‘U’ on the left)
    Mint (possibly the green leaves?)

  8. Shaun Apple says:

    I got all the answers.

  9. Neil Bradley says:

    Digg (shovel to the left of the pic)
    YouTube (tube to the back left of the pic)
    Flickr (hand to the right of the pic)
    PhotoBucket (trash can with pictures to the left of the pic)
    Mint (the green leaves to the right of the pic)

  10. Goyal says:

    1. Google
    2. YouTube
    3. Digg
    4. MyBlogLog
    5. TagWorld
    6. Feedburner
    7. Newsvine
    8. Social Networks
    9. Thingamy (The Thing)
    10. Snoopr
    11. Tumblr
    12. Techcrunch
    13 TagCloud

  11. John Slater says:

    Photo Bucket
    Feed Burner
    GMAIL ??(Snoop Dog)
    News Vine (the vine with news on it, my only guess)
    TechCrunch (Guy getting head smashed by chip)
    Shutter Fly

    John Slater, Feed Mailer – http://www.feedmailer.net

  12. mark says:

    That’s Yahoo Serious standing there with a guitar

  13. digitalsean says:

    Eugh : Skype. Took me ages to work out what the cloud was about.

    And there are 1..2..3..4… how many Things?

    I wonder what the green server is about perhaps greenserver.org – a site monitoring the growing list of environmentally friendly web hosting companies.

    I’m stuck on the lightening flash on the server, and the giant hand pinching something though.

    Nice job.

  14. Chris says:

    Any chance you’re going to post the correct answers anywhere, or any time?

    Quite nice, and interesting, I just don’t have the time to try and figure out the ones that aren’t already posted.

  15. Yes, I think its been long enough. Here are the answers from top left down:


    1. skype (sky peeing)
    2. youtube (u shaped tube)
    3. digg (shovel)
    4. pageflakes (the notebook paper)
    5. gmail (snoop dogg)
    6. flock (seagulls)
    7. bloglines (coke lines/razor)
    8. tagworld (tag with globe on it)
    9. shutterfly (window shutters with bug)
    10. newsvine (newspapers growing on vine)
    11. flickr (hand about to flick)
    12. photobucket (photos falling of of bucket)
    13. feedburner (bags of horse feed on fire)
    14. bolt (lighting bolt)
    15. dodgeball (guy knocked out on floor)
    16. weblogs (spider web in front of fireplace, or logs of wood)
    17. techcrunch (microchip man doing crunches)
    18. yahoo (actor yahoo serious from young einstein)
    19. 43things (43 little guys, “thing” from marvel comics”
    20. Google (10 to the 100)

  16. Jessica says:

    I thought the techcrunch one was facebook. I thought the chip was a book. LOL