Can You Hear Me Now?

One interesting part of the "Social Software" movement has been the canyouhearme blogs. Some recent examples include Google, YouTube and now MySpace. Here the little guy goes out of his way to get the attention of a large and usually hard to reach web company. In each case their approach is unconventional but surprisingly effective. They all got an audience with the company which is pretty astounding by itself. Trust me I’ve emailed MySpace many times and just about all the A-list bloggers, they respond about 1% of the time. Can’t blame ‘em though, they are probably way too busy changing the world to answer every email. Additionally even I sometimes have trouble keeping up with my email so I can’t imagine what their Inbox is like.

In any case you have to commend those companies that do listen to their users when they go this far to reach them. LoLo from is looking for a job but mostly is just sick of the spam and other issues that are plaguing MySpace. That separates him a little from the others who were mostly looking for personal promotion or a taste of fame. Here the goal is also to improve the community and user experience, something MySpace is well in need of. LoLo is also one of our few loyal readers so we want to support him however we can. Keep us updated and best of luck!

At the time of posting was available in case anyone wants to give it a shot themselves.

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3 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. LoLo says:

    Thanks home slice. :-)

    The should be – just to keep things in line with Aaron’s original.

    I used “anyone” to be a little drama queen. :P

  2. LoLo says:


    I just registered to prevent a domain squatter from getting / sitting on it.

    Will put a note on it tonight:

    “Free to Good Home”


  3. updated, and smart move! :P