Facebook vs MySpace – Pre Fight Weigh In

Huge knockout today for Facebook who hosted the F8 event and launched a treasure trove of goodies. This some what quiet rivalry is getting very loud and perhaps for the first time MySpace’s Social Network dominance is at risk. So if these two are going to battle it out who is going to emerge the winner? Lets take a look at the pre-fight weigh in stats:

Total Users
~180 Million
~20 Million
Daily Sign ups
US Traffic Ranking
Yearly Revenue
~$400 Million
~50 Million
No Way!
Big Time Yes
Complete Mess
Clean, Elegant

As we can see Facebook is the clear underdog however they win the last two items which might turn out to be the most important. By allowing developers into their system they have started the process of turning a Social Network into an application. This is going to be very powerful in the future as more and more people use their profiles as base of operations for whatever they might be doing. Who do you think will be the winner in lets say….5 years?

* Regarding the stats above, they were the best I could find online and might not be completely up to date. If you have other data please feel free to share.

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  1. Wow, facebook way ahead so far