Internet Drama Jackpot!

Talk about an Internet Drama Jackpot! Visit mashable for some of the best coverage of today’s huge fiasco over at Digg. Maybe Steve Jobs was right when he said that DRM doesn’t work? After posting of the HD-DVD encryption code to Digg they quickly received the usual cease and desist notice and pulled the offending links. With such a democratic user base it exploded from there, this crowd doesn’t take well to what they would call censorship. What would have been a "here today, gone tomorrow" story has no become a huge mess. I’d have to say the "wisdom of crowds" has probably gone too far this time but commend Digg for listening to its users. They are taking a huge risk and making an even bigger statement with this move.

:: Que the Napster Effect ::

That’s when a huge investor backs the company to help with the legal nightmare that is bound to follow. See Also Gootube Vs Viacom.

Let’s hope for Digg’s sake that it works out better for them than it did for Napster…

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  1. Artrell says:

    I found just what I was needed, and it was entetrainnig!