Jason Calacanis Launches “Free-Per-Post”

The only thing I enjoy more than examples of natural or organic web traffic is a great link baiting scheme. I am a however a little surprised to see Jason Calacanis openly soliciting and even offering some guidelines for link baiting him. After all he doesn’t believe in SEO and loves to express his concerns about PayPerPost but lets face it, seeing your name on Google/Technorati is the new "Your Name in Lights". He does however admit to actively monitoring the blog-o-sphere for mentions of his name (can’t say I wouldn’t do the same in his position) so I though I’d contribute as well.

Initially I thought about creating a PayPerPost campaign for this because getting 10-20 "posities" to contribute would be much more fun and effective. I soon came to the conclusion that this might be taking the idea a bit too far. Besides, it would probably not make it through their approval process (yes they actually do manually review everything submitted to them) and who wants to be on the shit list of an A-list blogger. He seems to have a great sense of humor but who knows how he would take that. So instead I’ll just say I admire Jason for his multiple online successes and hope he returns a link to this little blue collar blog. Unlike Jason I do believe in SEO since I owe most of my meager online successes to it. While they haven’t generated a huge buy out for me they do pay for my new Audi and keep me out of a 9-5 cubicle job which affords me one of life’s greatest luxuries…sleeping in everyday or at least on days when its needed most.

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  • SEO Value

**Update! Jason did include a link from his blog to this article. What a stand up guy!

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5 Responses to Jason Calacanis Launches “Free-Per-Post”

  1. Coral says:


    Thanks for the funny post and the mouse mat above.

    Please tell me about SEO and how you made enough to maintain an Audi articulated tractor. I’m enquiring because I need a new Vespa, a shiny red one. Failing that, a yellow Lamborghini would be nice.


  2. Sean says:

    SEO success is mostly about dominating a niche market. If you want to SEO a word like “book” or “web hosting” good luck, you’re going to need it.

    The Audi is an “business expense” of this website I run http://www.customeuropeanplates.com

    Here is an example of the work:


    On page 1 there are at least 4 links to my site, some from other well ranked sites and some for my domain(s)

    Maybe you could capitalize on something vespa related. Perhaps goggles, or MOD hair cuts…

  3. Coral says:


    Thank you for your reply. License plates are a niche market? How many people own cars? How many households own three or four cars? The classified ads are full of number plates for sale. For a new venture to succeed, it needs to be something unusual, or disposable like a biro, or a razor, maybe a razor with a grassbox for clippings, or a magnetic holographic bumper sticker, or rearview mirrors with a 360 degree wingspan.

    I’ll keep looking for the niche market.



  4. Sean says:

    These are not for vanity license plates in europe (where you can buy vanity plates like one would buy a domain).

    This is for US residents who add them to the front of the car for recreational use. This demo is mostly Male, 20 somethings, who own a VW and trick it out. A much smaller but lucrative market that general car owners.

  5. Coral says:


    Well,each to his own, but I couldnâ??t bear to sponsor or promote something without wheels, or an LCD screen or a keypad.