MC Hammer 2.0


So read this first then take a look over here. Nobody isn’t surprised by this announcement but I think Valleywag is approaching this the wrong way. It’s also no secret that African Americans are a minority when it comes to valley startups, so why ponce on them when they are given a chance? I can remember many years ago at Comdex when an executive affectionately referred to Africans Americans as "road kill on the information superhighway". We can only hope that this attitude has changed (and that dbag has since moved on) since then and encourage people like Michael Arrington and Jason Calacanis to keep extending opportunities like this. Now if they could just make their conference affordable to guys like myself ;)

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3 Responses to MC Hammer 2.0

  1. Billy says:

    Well, it still smacks of opportunism. I mean putting an Indian, a woman and an African American’s pictures spells it out for the dummies.

    It’s not so much about pouncing on it; it’s about credibility of Hammer’s expertise to be on the panel giving advice, turning away/accepting hopeful companies.

  2. No questions about it, there was some PC marketing going on. And if thats all its was about it then it certainly worked (look at the response).

    In either case I still see this as a positive thing.

  3. Mark Long says:

    at the current ticket price, the only ones who will be able to afford it are the vc’s. on another site, someone called it an infomercial. that’s what it is. you sit there and listen to two days of long commercials. and for that priveledge you pay $2500.

    i guess you get mc “bankrupt and driving a hummer now” hammer who can teach the startups how to lose everything, screw the creditors and still live a fancy life.