MySpace Censoring Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul?

I think many are underestimating MySpace’s effect on the upcoming presidential election. In January they are launching there own election and I’m sure many will take notice of the results. The teenager demographic is notorious for its low voter turn out but MySpace stands a chance to actually change this. When I was younger MTV’s "Rock the Vote" never did it for, but MySpace does. Of course there are many who are going to throw up flags because of Rupert Murdoch’s personal and political preferences and how easily such an online election can experience fraud. In fact one MySpace user has already claimed they are censoring his bulletins that support Ron Paul. You can view this video below (recommend full screen):


While it appears the issue is actually related to linking a MSNBC poll results URL and not Ron Paul specificly it still makes me wonder why. The fact that MSNBC is a direct competitor to Murdoch’s Newscorp is just going to get the conspiracy theorist fired up more. I’m still trying to tract down exactly which URL is not passing the filters.

On a related note I’ll be appearing on this show next week to discuss how politicians are using MySpace and other Social Networks this election. Ron Paul for example has a MySpace profile, a YouTube Channel, A CafePress store, and even a Facebook Profile. The only thing he is missing is a Twitter account, something other presidential hopeful Obama has already embraced.

So far Ron Paul has 13,000+ friends on MySpace with many displaying their support directly into their profile names.

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5 Responses to MySpace Censoring Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul?

  1. Derrick says:

    Ron Paul’s not doing anything different with MySpace to cause all the buzz, as best as I can tell. I think it’s happening mostly because his message and frank delivery appeal to younger people, and because he seems like less of an establishment hack to them.

    Also, I chalk the “censorship” thing up to just another MySpace bug.

  2. Kevin Fitzroy says:

    Promoting Ron Paul anywhere and everywhere is no different than standing around a pickle barrel, talking to the undecided voter, 150 years ago. We, Ron Paul’s early adopters, are using the prevailing technology of our time to spread the message that this man is the best candidate for the presidency of the United States.

  3. And you are doing it well, I’m already seeing it quoted as the “Ron Paul Effect” a play off of the “Digg Effect” which is used when a story is popular on and receives so many hits it crashes the server.

  4. Nathan Fluet says:

    I decided to start my own social network aimed at political bloggers, activists, grassroots organizations, etc… Here you do not have to worry about your messages getting filtered out, or getting your account deleted(Unless you are spreading hate propaganda or kiddie porn).
    I have provided features similar to other popular social networking sites including, Profiles, Friends, Bookmarks, Unlimited Personal Pages, Communities(groups), Personal and Community Blogs/Forums, Personal and Community Event Calendars, 30mb Personal File Storage(For Images and Video), and a Private Messaging System.
    Also there are no advertisements.
    You also have the ability to setup access groups for your friends allowing you to control what each group of friends see, everything you add has its own access settings.

    There are currently no members to speak of but if everyone reposts this maybe that can change.

  5. Hi Nathan,

    Like the idea, but the site needs a little work. Might want to look at using for this. They offer a great social network, and most of the features are free.

    Best of luck