Blog Swap – Owen Thomas Joins Valleywag

Nick Denton, publisher of Valleywag has had a blogger or two stolen from his network in the past. Well now he has taken one for his own in the form of Owen Thomas from Business 2.0. Reportedly he will join Gawker and one can only presume continue his hunt for the elusive fake Steve jobs.

Nick Douglas is still writing for the site but as of late seems to be getting the "red-headed stepchild" treatment. I imagine he’s working on something new and great, but like most of us doesn’t have the money or resources to make it happen. Here is a start at least…

Ratings: (on a scale of 1-5 hams)

  • Career Blogging
  • Rojas Revenge
  • Arrington’s Queasiness

*** Update, ok maybe I was right that Douglas was working on something new. Today he started broadcasting a bit through at Now we can all hear him sigh in real time and tell people on the phone that the check is in the mail. Sweet!

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