How to Save Truemors

Poor Guy Kawasaki, he wanted to create a social rumor based web site called Truemors but instead created a tumor. He gives us all the details in a blog post yesterday in very typical Guy fashion. For anyone who has read Guy’s books you’ll know that he preaches about running a lean business and rapid deployment. Two concepts that have served myself and many others very well. Lets take a look at one of his more famous quotes that confirms this:

"Don’t worry, be crappy. Revolutionary means you ship and then test… Lots of things made the first Mac in 1984 a piece of crap – but it was a revolutionary piece of crap."

Truemor has it that the first version of MySpace was built in 10 day and it was certainly a revolutionary piece of crap. The idea behind Truemors was also revolutionary too but Guy missed a very important part of the current Web 2.0 environment. *Everyone* is now part of it, not just the valley tech heads that would actually enjoy a service like this. So instead of juicy gossip and provocative conversation the site receives postings like "Clark Kent is Superman" and marketing in the form of "Need Viagra? Click Here". Want to see more examples of this social pollution? Take a look at the comments of just about any popular YouTube clip. It appears that while there are many smart people using social software there is also many users who have the keyboard equivalent of verbal diarrhea.

So can Truemors be saved and emerge as something great? I’m an optimist so I would probably say yes. Here are my ideas for radiating the web site into something useful:

  • Close the web site to the public ASAP
  • Resurrect the site as a private invite only community
  • Invite all your valley buddies with loose lips, prominent bloggers and generally interesting people
  • Create an exclusive environment where users can anonymously share tech gossip
  • Turn it into the next Well where the community is based on quality and not quantity
  • Let your "Truemors" filter through the Internet in an organic fashion

You had me at your pre launch email but the web site quickly lost its cool when it became public. However if for some strange reason you do any of the above please don’t forget my invite :). Best of luck and whatever you do keep writing. Your books and blog postings are great inspiration to the many of us who have our own Internet tumors.

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2 Responses to How to Save Truemors

  1. Really funny. I like your sense of humor… :-)
    truemors is a digg clone but oviously the site does feel very smooth…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just wondering if you have checked out recently? I’ve only recently discovered the site and find it very interesting- I’ve even posted a few! The quality of information is pretty high, and not at all like what you experienced at the launch.