MySpace and Ebay?

Rumors about a possible MySpace and Ebay partnership are popping up again. While I think any type of ecommerce platform through MySpace would be a great thing I wonder about using Ebay. Why not develop an in house system or :: shutter ::, offer some type of API service for users to build their own store solution. I’ve built at least 50 ecommerce stores and my experience has always been that the customer is too unique for a blanket solution. They want many levels of customization in both the look and feel and checkout process.

Lastly, and at the risk of ranting too much I’d like to throw up the paid business profile idea again. Something that small business can afford and offers them ecommerce ability and a clear policy for advertising their business. Either way MySpace needs to kick in with something before they lose even more ground to Facebook. While most companies are utilizing the new Facebook platform to extend their service based web site, it just a matter of time before we see some major commerce going through the site.

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