Social Politics

See yours truly in the latest episode of Listening Post from Al Jazeera English. We of course don’t get the channel here in the states (and I’ll refrain from ranking on that) however thanks to YouTube we can catch some clips. While many have their own view of the network, the truth is with shows like Listening Post they are covering new media better than anything you find on CNN. What’s most interesting is how they reach out to bloggers and vloggers for their opinions and routinely include web casts as part of their news segments. Speaking of, this was my first on camera interview so I feel like I was stiff as board. After just attending Pixelodeon I’m even more inspired to really get into online video somehow, some way. So enjoy, I said a lot about the McCain MySpace image swap and the Obama profile issue but unfortunately they cut it out


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2 Responses to Social Politics

  1. LoLo says:

    Congrats on the first time video.

    The McCain MySpace contact table hot link switch-out has got to be the coolest thing Mike ever did. Well, that and the creation of sIFR.

  2. Ya that was great, especially for us web guys who hate having our images hot linked.

    Also I talked about the Ron Paul digg effect and that didnt make it either. I guess just more reason for me to have my own show! (coming soon)