I Heart Pownce

There I said it…. after a few day usage I can now protest some love for Pownce. The application is like Twitter on steroids with options for posting messages, links and even files (hello DRM free music sharing). The web site itself has the polish of an Italian sports car with the horsepower to match. There is even a small Adobe AIR (formally called Apollo) application you can download and communicate through. So far the application is limited but everything is still much in the very alpha/beta mode.

Now more than ever Email seems to becoming a dead medium so can micro blogging sites fill in the gaps? Sadly I don’t know if email could ever truly die so we can all look forward to many more years of Nigerian money scams. Since these services work like a "white list" of friends they obviously represent the best type of SPAM protection possible. As far as small team collaboration though there is also great value in an application like Pownce for sharing ideas, events and files.

Some interesting notes from the Pownce launch include the backlash of loyal Twitter users. Many felt and expressed in one way or another that using Pownce is like cheating on a perfectly good spouse. Chalk it up to "Social Network Fatigue" or loyalty many users have been reluctant to embrace the new service. How many social media applications can one person use? I enjoy them all but can only be a truly active user on my favorite of the moment. On the opposite side of the spectrum there has been such demand for this private beta that many users have started selling invitations on Ebay. Sponsored ads on the web site are so subtle it makes me *almost* want to click them. They also use this image for their 404 pages which is naturally HI-LAR-IOUS:

You can add me on Pownce here, if you need an invitation I have a few to give away. Just leave a comment on this post and use the email you would like the invite sent to (only I can see this).

Ratings: (on a scale of 1-5 hams)

  • Web2Desktop
  • Social Network Fatigue
  • Future RIAA Target


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