The Future of Second Life

One of the biggest Second Life related stories broke this week and naturally was quickly ignored for the more favorable "SL is Dying a Horrible Virtual Death" headline . What happened is Second Life has made some of it’s first steps away from a client based solution to a web based application. New World Notes covers all the details here along with an interview from the brilliant (and 15 year old) developer Katharine Berry. Utilizing the open source libsecondlife she has incorporated some of the basic functionality like messaging, teleporting, search, and map functions. While the "big piece" of actually viewing the environment is missing this is a great step towards the future of virtual worlds. For now this application will greatly benefit those lacking the hardware and the international residents with metered bandwidth usage (can you believe this exists?).

All the code is open source and works primarily on Firefox and Safari. The developer also says it works on your Wii, now that’s metaverse.

Screen shot:

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  • SL Mobile
  • Clunky 2 Shiny UI
  • SL @ Work


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