Viral Videos That Work

East Coast – Tea Partay


West Coast – Green Tea Partay

A great viral video campaign from the good folks at Smirnoff, more info available here. Over a year old but for some reason they are still making the rounds. Also New England looks better than ever, hello Buffy. Can’t wait to move there in 2 months, where my wasps at!

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2 Responses to Viral Videos That Work

  1. Ann Bernard says:

    You’re moving to New England…WHY?!? I hadn’t seen those videos, funny and oh sooo, true. I’d prefer to hang out with the boys on the West side…

  2. you like frosted tips?!?! :P

    hehehe, done the LA thing and it has its charm. Now I want to hang out with the blue bloods. Old money look out, here comes easy internet money.