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According to data collected by representatives of statistics portal website Statista (, almost two billion people used social media in 2012; and as of the date of this article, social media giant Facebook ( now has more than one billion users.

With numbers like those, it is not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to increase revenue by utilizing social media. As such, the demand for social media savvy employees is growing.

The aim of this article is to highlight the responsibilities and educational requirements of some of the most sought-after social media specialists.

SEO Analysts

Search engine optimization (SEO) analysts are responsible for improving business visibility online. In order to do this, these analysts use a variety of tools to create websites that are informative and customer-friendly in order to ensure that their employer’s name remains on the first page of popular search engines such as Google ( whenever prospective customers type keywords related to the company’s products or services.

Associates of employment compensation research company PayScale ( have concluded that the average annual salary for SEO Analysts in the United States is $39,811.

Social Media Content Writers

Business owners rely on content writers to help establish their brand and increase sales. The writers accomplish this by producing informative and engaging content that is free of typos, bad grammar and unsubstantiated claims.

Social media savvy content writers understand the importance of eye-catching titles and keywords, and they use both to help drive traffic to websites.

PayScale ( representatives have suggested that content writers currently earn approximately $40,230 per year.

Social Media Strategists

According to various job descriptions found on career-oriented websites, digital strategists or digital marketing strategists use popular social media network websites such as Twitter (, Pinterest ( and Facebook ( to evaluate a company’s target audience. Once they have gathered the information they need, these strategists work with other members of the company’s marketing team to create marketing strategies that will expand the company’s customer base and increase revenue.

Factors such as experience and location can affect a digital strategist’s earning potential; however, PayScale ( associates have made the following claim: “A social media strategist earns an average salary of $46,195 per year.”

Social Network Community Manager

Social network community managers or online community managers help bridge the gap between businesses and consumers by using blogs, forums and other social media outlets to promote a company’s products and services and provide customer support.

According to PayScale (, the median annual salary for online community managers in the United States is $47,405.

Educational requirements

Specific educational requirements for social media jobs will vary from company to company; however, a number of businesses that post help-wanted ads on employment websites such as Monster ( and Indeed ( solicit individuals who have graduate or undergraduate degrees in communications, marketing and business.

Interested individuals who lack these credentials can help boost their chances of being hired by taking advantage of certification programs, which normally take much less time to complete than a traditional four-year degree and are generally less expensive as well.

For example, Purchase College ( offers a number of social media certification programs that can be completed online. This option can be of great benefit to people who are unable to participate in campus-based programs.


One of the benefits of having a career in social media is that some of the jobs are “virtual.” In other words, employees can work from the comfort of their homes. This kind of flexibility can be extremely beneficial to disabled individuals who may be unable to travel, stay-at-home moms and older adults re-entering the workforce.

As the world of social media continues to grow, numerous statisticians have suggested that social media job opportunities will increase as well.

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