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Social Media Jobs

According to data collected by representatives of statistics portal website Statista (, almost two billion people used social media in 2012; and as of the date of this article, social media giant Facebook ( now has more than one billion … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is simply using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Instagram, and more, to gain attention to a company or product. Companies use social media marketing to create sharable content that attracts potential customers … Continue reading

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The History of Snapchat

Founded by Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown in 2011, Snapchat was originally launched as an app called Picaboo. The concept of sending and receiving photos that could not be saved came to Spiegel as a project in his product design … Continue reading

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GIF Keyboard

Looking for a GIF Keyboard for iOS8? Look no further than this great keyboard from Riffsy that lets you send animated GIFs into just about any app including iMessage. It’s a fun way to reply with something more than txt. … Continue reading

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Using bots for Second Life Marketing

Yes much like in the movie Blade Runner the replicants already walk among us, virtually at least. In Second Life bots are nothing new, however what is new is their heavy usage in marketing to boost traffic numbers and increase … Continue reading

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Facebook Beacon

If Facebook Beacon somehow survives the recent onslaught it will likely become a powerful advertising platform. They are doing everything right, you just aren’t ready for it. Yes you, the same person who fills their various social nooks with all … Continue reading

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Mahalo Daily Launches Monday November 5th

Check out the trailer above and tune in November 5th for the first episode of the Mahalo Daily staring Veronica Belmont. Subscribe via RSS | Subscribe via iTunes | Subscribe via Email  

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Poor Man’s Tech Conference Guide

"Your invited to the Web 2.0 Summit" When I received this email from the prestigious Oreily web conference I naturally assumed there was some type of clerical error. Perhaps they just sent these out to any one who requested one, … Continue reading

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Second Life Travel Guide by Sean Percival

It’s done, finished, complete… After months of exhaustive and strange research my Second Life Travel Guide is on it’s way to you. Whether you are an avid user or just slightly interested in Second Life this is the book for … Continue reading

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Your Blog Comments Brought to Life

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