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Internet Drama Jackpot!

Talk about an Internet Drama Jackpot! Visit mashable for some of the best coverage of today’s huge fiasco over at Digg. Maybe Steve Jobs was right when he said that DRM doesn’t work? After posting of the HD-DVD encryption code … Continue reading

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Introducing diggcrunch!

Michael Arrington takes a lot of flack for some of the things he writes about over at TechCrunch but now he is really asking for it …literally. Throw in some free passes to web 2.0 expo (a $1500 value) and … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways to Launch Your Digg Clone

Alright for starters this will be the last Digg related post for awhile! I mean jeez looking at last few and I feel like the apple touting "top ten list loving" fan boys that dominate the site. However having said … Continue reading

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Crowd Hacking on Digg

Next months issue of Wired Magazine has a nice article about "Crowd Hacking" and talks about Digg’s trouble with gaming the system. "Wag of the Finger" to Wired for not contacting me to talk about our recent experiment. In any … Continue reading

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Di$$.com: Paying for Diggs, an Experiment

Is it possible to get a story to the Digg homepage by paying your way to the top? Although this defeats the very purpose of Digg I thought it would be interesting to try. Today we saw the emergence of … Continue reading

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The Digg Effect on Product Placement

Specs: Name: Digg Web Site: Owner: Kevin Rose Online Since: November 2006 Members: 500K+ Wikipedia: Link About: One of the most fun sites from the "Web 2.0" world is all about sharing interesting news articles or links. Users submit … Continue reading

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