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MySpace and Yahoo?

O M G, I’m going to get really tired of mocking up these MySpace logos. Something tells me this won’t be the last of them. Now rumor has it that MySpace has begun talks to swap the site for 25% … Continue reading

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MySpace and Ebay?

Rumors about a possible MySpace and Ebay partnership are popping up again. While I think any type of ecommerce platform through MySpace would be a great thing I wonder about using Ebay. Why not develop an in house system or … Continue reading

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Video: The History of MySpace

Interesting new video on YouTube about the history of MySpace which touches on a few of the items originally exposed by Trent Lapinski’s article. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2

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From Randi Zuckerberg (Sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) comes Valleyfreude. PS. Why no embed? That’s SOOOO Friendster of you!

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Can You Hear Me Now?

One interesting part of the "Social Software" movement has been the canyouhearme blogs. Some recent examples include Google, YouTube and now MySpace. Here the little guy goes out of his way to get the attention of a large and usually … Continue reading

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Facebook vs MySpace – Pre Fight Weigh In

Huge knockout today for Facebook who hosted the F8 event and launched a treasure trove of goodies. This some what quiet rivalry is getting very loud and perhaps for the first time MySpace’s Social Network dominance is at risk. So … Continue reading

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DoD Blocks Social Websites

The AP is reporting that the Department of Defense will start blocking social web sites like MySpace and YouTube for enlisted members in Iraq and other locations. Until now this has been a vital medium for deployed solider’s because it … Continue reading

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MySpace Censoring Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul?

I think many are underestimating MySpace’s effect on the upcoming presidential election. In January they are launching there own election and I’m sure many will take notice of the results. The teenager demographic is notorious for its low voter turn … Continue reading

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Broke: MySpace Acquires Photobucket

As reported by Valleywag and Mashable this morning, Photobucket is being sold to MySpace for an undisclosed amount. Why? I’m not sure as MySpace’s own photo hosting service is clearly moving in the direction of offering the same features of … Continue reading

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Pete from Mashable and I tried to capitalize on the recent lolcat phenomenon (see also this, and this for examples) but apply it to MySpace profiles images instead. Turns out Tom was the most fun but you can easily apply … Continue reading

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