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Social Network Fatigue and How to Fight It

Say what you will about Jason Calacanis, love him or hate him he certainly has the ability to get people talking. The subject now? No its not Mahalo, or SEOs, or even his dog Toro. Instead it was this post … Continue reading

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From Randi Zuckerberg (Sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) comes Valleyfreude. PS. Why no embed? That’s SOOOO Friendster of you!

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How to Save Truemors

Poor Guy Kawasaki, he wanted to create a social rumor based web site called Truemors but instead created a tumor. He gives us all the details in a blog post yesterday in very typical Guy fashion. For anyone who has … Continue reading

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Facebook vs MySpace – Pre Fight Weigh In

Huge knockout today for Facebook who hosted the F8 event and launched a treasure trove of goodies. This some what quiet rivalry is getting very loud and perhaps for the first time MySpace’s Social Network dominance is at risk. So … Continue reading

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The Great Social Network Empire

Funny image circulating today from Randall Munroe of (down for the moment). View Full Size

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