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From Eric Lavenac, and via Valleywag.

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MySpace and Yahoo?

O M G, I’m going to get really tired of mocking up these MySpace logos. Something tells me this won’t be the last of them. Now rumor has it that MySpace has begun talks to swap the site for 25% of Yahoo (a value of 12 billion). Is MySpace worth this huge price tag? Only if they are able to maintain their current traffic rankings for the long term which seem to be in question as of late. If Yahoo does go forward with this instead of continuing a Facebook acquisition I’m preemptively putting them in the dead pool!

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MySpace and Ebay?

Rumors about a possible MySpace and Ebay partnership are popping up again. While I think any type of ecommerce platform through MySpace would be a great thing I wonder about using Ebay. Why not develop an in house system or :: shutter ::, offer some type of API service for users to build their own store solution. I’ve built at least 50 ecommerce stores and my experience has always been that the customer is too unique for a blanket solution. They want many levels of customization in both the look and feel and checkout process.

Lastly, and at the risk of ranting too much I’d like to throw up the paid business profile idea again. Something that small business can afford and offers them ecommerce ability and a clear policy for advertising their business. Either way MySpace needs to kick in with something before they lose even more ground to Facebook. While most companies are utilizing the new Facebook platform to extend their service based web site, it just a matter of time before we see some major commerce going through the site.

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Prometeus – The Future of Media

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Blog Swap – Owen Thomas Joins Valleywag

Nick Denton, publisher of Valleywag has had a blogger or two stolen from his network in the past. Well now he has taken one for his own in the form of Owen Thomas from Business 2.0. Reportedly he will join Gawker and one can only presume continue his hunt for the elusive fake Steve jobs.

Nick Douglas is still writing for the site but as of late seems to be getting the "red-headed stepchild" treatment. I imagine he’s working on something new and great, but like most of us doesn’t have the money or resources to make it happen. Here is a start at least…

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*** Update, ok maybe I was right that Douglas was working on something new. Today he started broadcasting a bit through at Now we can all hear him sigh in real time and tell people on the phone that the check is in the mail. Sweet!

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Video: The History of MySpace

Interesting new video on YouTube about the history of MySpace which touches on a few of the items originally exposed by Trent Lapinski’s article. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

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Social Politics

See yours truly in the latest episode of Listening Post from Al Jazeera English. We of course don’t get the channel here in the states (and I’ll refrain from ranking on that) however thanks to YouTube we can catch some clips. While many have their own view of the network, the truth is with shows like Listening Post they are covering new media better than anything you find on CNN. What’s most interesting is how they reach out to bloggers and vloggers for their opinions and routinely include web casts as part of their news segments. Speaking of, this was my first on camera interview so I feel like I was stiff as board. After just attending Pixelodeon I’m even more inspired to really get into online video somehow, some way. So enjoy, I said a lot about the McCain MySpace image swap and the Obama profile issue but unfortunately they cut it out


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Mahalo Badge – Most Recent Updates

Ok, last Mahalo related post for a while I promise! Just one thing I really like about this web site is the amount of community involvement Jason Calacanis uses to make announcements and generate feedback. This is Social Network marketing at its finest, "advertising" to a small but highly engaged group of readers. Valleywag bounced on this a bit and missed the point of using these services to get the word out.

So speaking of community involvement, there has been some talk about widgets and badges for this application, so I thought I would whip something up. This badge will display the most recent edits made on Mahalo. Still needs some tweaking but perhaps the Mahalo team can take this idea and build upon it.

This example is done using Dapper, a great DIY mashup service. The only bummer is it seems like they are caching the results so it might not be up to the second. With a direct RSS feed from Mahalo this could be done much better. Until I can figure out if the cashing problem is with Dapper or the widget setup itself, you can also click the bottom to see the Mahalo page for this. Enjoy!

Here is the embed code:


Well first of all and to confirm the power of social networks, minutes after adding this page to Jason came across it and and linked us here.

And in true Guy Kawasaki fashion I shipped before I tested it properly. The results aren’t coming through as smoothly as I’d like so its going to take a bit of tweaking. Good news is if you embed that now it will still work in the future, just better. Anyone with experience with Dapper is more than welcome to contact me :).

**Update 2

For those of us who use Netvibes, here is the module for the last ten updates:

And of course for those who just want the plain ol’ RSS

**Update 3

Today Mahalo made RSS feeds available, more info here. In addition to recent updates you can also pull results based on the latest new pages.

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From Randi Zuckerberg (Sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg) comes Valleyfreude.

PS. Why no embed? That’s SOOOO Friendster of you!

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How to Save Truemors

Poor Guy Kawasaki, he wanted to create a social rumor based web site called Truemors but instead created a tumor. He gives us all the details in a blog post yesterday in very typical Guy fashion. For anyone who has read Guy’s books you’ll know that he preaches about running a lean business and rapid deployment. Two concepts that have served myself and many others very well. Lets take a look at one of his more famous quotes that confirms this:

"Don’t worry, be crappy. Revolutionary means you ship and then test… Lots of things made the first Mac in 1984 a piece of crap – but it was a revolutionary piece of crap."

Truemor has it that the first version of MySpace was built in 10 day and it was certainly a revolutionary piece of crap. The idea behind Truemors was also revolutionary too but Guy missed a very important part of the current Web 2.0 environment. *Everyone* is now part of it, not just the valley tech heads that would actually enjoy a service like this. So instead of juicy gossip and provocative conversation the site receives postings like "Clark Kent is Superman" and marketing in the form of "Need Viagra? Click Here". Want to see more examples of this social pollution? Take a look at the comments of just about any popular YouTube clip. It appears that while there are many smart people using social software there is also many users who have the keyboard equivalent of verbal diarrhea.

So can Truemors be saved and emerge as something great? I’m an optimist so I would probably say yes. Here are my ideas for radiating the web site into something useful:

  • Close the web site to the public ASAP
  • Resurrect the site as a private invite only community
  • Invite all your valley buddies with loose lips, prominent bloggers and generally interesting people
  • Create an exclusive environment where users can anonymously share tech gossip
  • Turn it into the next Well where the community is based on quality and not quantity
  • Let your "Truemors" filter through the Internet in an organic fashion

You had me at your pre launch email but the web site quickly lost its cool when it became public. However if for some strange reason you do any of the above please don’t forget my invite :). Best of luck and whatever you do keep writing. Your books and blog postings are great inspiration to the many of us who have our own Internet tumors.

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